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Standard Plat & TAM Books

Our combo books consist of both plat (ownership) and TAM (occupancy) information in an easy to use, side by side format, broken down by township.  Our books provide you with the most current plat and TAM information we have for a particular county.  *Books that are not combo books provide either the Plat or the TAM info, not both. (These books are called Plat Only or TAM only books)

Our plat maps show even the smallest parcels of land no matter how small the acreage.

Our TAM maps show the rural occupants, or who actually lives on the land in rural areas.  We provide an alphabetical locator which allows you to easily look up each rural occupant by their last name and pin point their location on our maps.  Also provided is an address.  We also provide a street locator which allows you to easily look up rural occupants by their address. 

Our books are both laminated and coil bound which makes them extremely durable.  Information in our book includes the township names and ranges, sections and section lines, roads, highways, rivers, railroads, and more.  Our standard books are free of all advertising.  

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